The world is in a state of rapid change. The terms Smart City or Intelligent City mask complex challenges facing modern agglomerations: the transport network, resource managements (waste, water) and energy management. Regulatory frameworks are evolving quickly to better protect the environment. The incredible opportunities provided by digital technology offer exciting perspectives while pushing back the boundaries of what humans can achieve. A new, connected ecosystem is now in play – one teeming with initiatives, whose success will depend above all on the way that populated zones involve inhabitants, organizations and local businesses. All three of these lie right at the heart of the process, and no two cities are alike. We should imagine a city as a specific set of elements existing in a given space. And the city of tomorrow will be defined above all by the services that it provides.


Our expertise: City 2.0, Eco-districts, Smart Lighting, Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid, Smart Building & Smart Home, Smart Water & Smart Metering, Smart Waste Management, Urban mobility, Open Data Platform, Collaborative Economy, Urban logistics, Skill management, Urban neo-operators


More than ever, mobility is something central to our everyday lives and in high public demand. A key factor in economic processes, modern mobility seeks to push back boundaries while meeting energetic and environmental challenges. In the future, we will purchase mobility itself, not just a vehicle. Already, our expectations have begun to mold themselves towards such things as flexibility, immediate location, ease of payment and real-time services.


Our expertise: Connected cars & drivers, Shared mobility (carsharing, ridesharing, scooter-sharing & bikesharing), Self-driving cars, Multimodal services, Electromobility, Intelligent Transport Systems, Smart Parking and Insurance.

Internet of Things

History teaches us that progress comes in waves, and we are currently in the midst of a digital, economic and social revolution. The Internet in 2030 will use as much electricity as mankind combined in 2008. We will have five times more connected objects than Internet users. We will go beyond all known reference points. The development of the Internet of Things (IoT) offers incredible potential growth in every sector. Experts talk about a world in a state of profound change – and this transformation is already underway.

Our expertise:

Internet of Things, Connected industrial objects, LPWAN Networks, Wireless sensors, Connected meters, Smart Metering, Smart Water, WAN/ LAN telecom technologies, RFID, NFC, Standardization, Interoperability, Standardization bodies, Low-power communication protocols, IoT ecosystem, Alliances

Connected Industrial Services

Faced with the emergence of game-changing web and mobile models, manufacturers launching new products and services must adapt and accelerate to meet new standards of competitiveness and speed. Traditional sectors will have to take risks to innovate. Businesses must be increasingly agile. Technologies are currently evolving at a faster rate than manufacturing timeframes. Industrial activities organized in silos are facing huge professional upheavals. The technological revolution, Big Data and the IoT are performance levers for manufacturers, but they require a fresh approach to structures, processes and data management.

Our expertise:

Energy, Lighting, Signage, Smart factories, Operations, Business processes, Predictive maintenance, Real-time industrial piloting, Supervision centers, Industrial IoT, Big Data, Smart Data, Business platforms, Connected workstations, Connected appliances, Tracking, Logistics, Transport, Security, Connected health, Agriculture

Digital Transformation

Digital technologies have a deep impact on the functionality of businesses, their ecosystems, and consumer demand. For every company or community, evolving in a digital ecosystem means making changes – some of which may appear brutal – to models, structuring and practices. However, going digital is an extraordinary means by which to make your company or organization more innovative, more competitive, more reactive, and more in tune with your clients.

Our expertise:

Digital corporate strategy, Audit IS, Digital transformation, Location-based services, Communicating objects




Environment (Water & Waste)




Service Industry

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