Beginning of February, Inov360 invites you to participate at the “Smart Mobility” conference for an in-depth and international tour of new mobilities.

This 4th edition of ConnecteDriver will bring together 170 attendees coming from 20+ countries, around 56 expert’s speakers of the international ecosystem of the connected car and smart mobility. For this new edition, the conference will include a full track dedicated to “Smart Mobility”.

It is Inov360, a partner of the event, who has built the program of this track around the 5 sessions hereafter:

  • Session 1Carsharing: acceleration of the deployment in cities,
  • Session 2Car as a Service: growth and sustainability of the offer,
  • Session 3Self-driving cars, from personal mobility to autonomous and shared vehicles,
  • Session 4Mobility as a Service, towards an integration of multiple transportation modes for the benefit of citizens,
  • Session 5Smart parking and the management of urban infrastructure

These sessions will involve more than 20 international experts in mobility from large cities like Brussels, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Lyon ou Singapore, mobility subsidiaries of car makers like Daimler or BMW, carsharing operators like Zipcar or OuiCar, transport and parking operators like Transdev or OpnGo, autonomous vehicles manufacturers like EasyMile, startups like Wayzup, Vallie ou Scooty, as well as contents and technology providers like TomTom or PTV.

Vincent Pilloy and Alexandre Micheau from Inov360 will moderate these presentations and panels, that will investigate each of the selected subjects, as well as get a global picture of how all these initiatives are interacting together to create a « Smarter Mobility ».

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