‘LP-WA’ Internet of Things infrastructures and networks for cities, territories and businesses.

The aim of the first white paper on the “LPWA (low power wide area) Internet of Things” is to help cities, regions, local communities, public services and companies better understand the current IoT environment and its potential impact.

“What we’re seeing today is just the beginning of a massive societal and economic transformation”, says Alain Luchez from the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. The transformation he refers to is a giant, inevitable, continually evolving phenomenon. The current digital revolution combined with the IoT provides cities and companies with cultural, organizational and economic transformation levers. And the idea behind the white paper is to encourage these cities, regions and companies to ask the ‘right’ questions about ‘smart’ projects.

How can the IoT be an accelerator or a facilitator? Which applications or services can I create thanks to the IoT? How can I extract value? What markets are affected? Who are the main players? What is the current situation regarding standardization? What IoT technologies are available? Is there one or several IoT(s)? Why do people talk about M2M on one hand and the IoT on the other? Which network should I deploy?

To find the answers to your questions, please fill out the form below to download the full white paper.



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