Inov360 supports you through the entire innovation cycle:
from articulating your vision, to creating your strategy, to marketing your new product or service.
Our modular service is tailored to your specific needs, and our support is motivated by a common goal: to accelerate your business.

Frame your vision

Develop your vision,
Refine your strategy and roadmap,
Manage the transition,
Harmonize your teams.


Develop large-scale open innovation
Host large innovation consortia,
Co-innovate, test, and excubate your projects,
Market assessment, technology & product/service due diligence.

Validate fast

Prototype using the CBP approach,
Meet your targets, Launch full-scale pilot projects,
Prioritize customer experience,
Adapt your business model,
Sign your first successful deals.

Scale up

Structure your teams,
Organize your operations,
Accelerate your growth, Raise funds,
Develop your business internationally.

Say it !

Formalize your proposal,
Update your communications,
Find your identity,
Make transparency your goal.

Engage people

Successfully manage your transformation,
Structure your governance,
Mobilize your teams,
Future-proof change.

+ consultants and experts

+ speaker interventions

+ direct high-level contacts

Frame your vision

The Inov360 team supports management teams in developing their strategy:

  • Strategic pre-diagnosis, defining your vision
  • Alignment of leadership teams
  • Strategic support
  • Personalized support for Branch Heads
  • Personalized support for sales and marketing managers
  • Interim CEO, CMO, CSO, CIO

Large-scale open innovation:

  • Hosting large innovation consortia
  • Identifying cutting-edge players in the innovation field, screening startups
  • Responding to calls for projects in teams
  • Decoding the ecosystem
  • Providing professional and sectorial expertise
  • Due diligence and choice of innovative providers
  • IoT learning expeditions, Smart city, Smart mobility

Innovation excubation:

  • Inov360 acceleration program
  • Collective thinking workshops
  • Marketing, technological, and financial project analysis
  • Innovation management
  • Test & Learn methodology


Validate fast

Validate your innovations in the field:

  • Lean startup methodology, design thinking
  • Market knowledge, field surveys, interviews, observation
  • Validate targets
  • Prototyping, launch PoC
  • Swift feedback
  • Prioritize experience and practice

Develop new operations:

  • Design disruptive economic/ business models
  • Launch an operational support for new business activities
  • Professional and sectorial expertise
  • Business Development: sign initial contracts

Structure the operation:

  • Implement operational, marketing and HR processes
  • Organization, dashboards, KPIs
  • Support and training for sales representatives
  • Improve marketing material

Accelerate growth:

  • Investor roadshow business plan
  • React to regional and national PAA, financing
  • Support with private and corporate fund raising
  • IPO (DDB market, marketing and product profiles prior to stock market listing)
  • International expansion
  • Introducing the French and European markets to foreign startups

Scale up

Say it !

Preparation and communication:

  • Value proposition
  • Marketing hook, pitch
  • Signature, identity and brand positioning
  • Startup naming (services, product)
  • Internal and external communications
  • Present a visually appealing business plan
  • Design a marketing and communication plan

Successful digital transformation:

  • Governance structuring of the transformation project
  • Manage innovative programs
  • Maturity and impact analyses
  • Action plan
  • Site management and project ownership support (team integration)
  • Team mobilization and involvement
  • Action plan
  • Manage risk and resistance, create a collaborative culture
  • Future-proof change

Engage people

Smart City – Internet Of Things – New Mobilities – Digital Transformation…

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