Spotting a breeding ground for shared mobility with the SMCI™

Quickly and easily identifying the characteristics of a city that is favorable to the development of a vehicle sharing service: an important issue for the mobility operators that are concerned about the viability of their offer, as well as for the policy makers who wish to implement…

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Covoiturage : quelle solution est faite pour vous?

Lorsque l’on évoque le covoiturage, le nom de BlaBlaCar arrive spontanément à l’esprit. Vous l’avez d’ailleurs peut-être essayé. Mais correspond-il vraiment à tous les usages ? Actuellement, un véritable écosystème se met en place grâce à de nombreux acteurs qui...

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Paris activates parking leverage to improve urban mobility

Since 1 January 2015, motorists in the capital must now comply with the new paid parking regulations. During the December 2014 Paris Council, the new municipal team voted in favour of significant rate increases, of which the main objective is to increase the rotation...

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3D printing: a manufacturing process but a dismantling model

3D printing is not only a technical revolution. It is also a particularly irreversible disruption of economy as we know till today.   A mature technology Initially developed to make quick prototyping, 3D printing is arriving progressively in the consumer world....

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Who will benefit from the parking reform in France ?

Low parking fee payment rate (around 35%), €17 unique penalty incompatibility, or even an expensive fines recovering management, here are some dysfunctions the France on-street parking reform intends to adjust. But the chosen options for this reform, which will come...

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