Conference Netexplo Change – Paris

The Netexplo ChangePrice distinguish each year large companies that, leveraging the digital opportunity, innovate in an exemplary manner in the areas of operational marketing, customer relations, communication, design of products or services and human resources....

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Les rencontres du covoiturage – Paris

The costs of owning a car is constantly increasing, and it is likely that this trend will increase in the coming years because, among other things, the rising costs of energies (fossil or not!). Alternative mobility solution that steadily makes its way over the past...

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Intelligent Buildings Meetings – Paris

Inov360 will participate at the smartbuilding meetings organized by the group Le Moniteur. These meetings are intended to identify uses for smartbuilding, take a step back to the different possible technologies in order to choose the most suitable, and benefit from...

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Digital Technologies price2013 – Paris

The Digital Technologies price rewards this year the development of innovative and effective products in the field of telemedicine and remote diagnosis. On this occasion, a discussion will be held between the candidates on the topic of e-health, theme addressed by...

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Innovative Building– Paris

Innovative technologies serving energy performance and better living are spreading in every level of the urban system: the city and the networks (electricity, water, etc.), as well as in the area of buildings. Those smart buildings cost less to run, use less energy,...

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