The ability to quickly and easily identify the features of a city that favor the development of vehicle sharing is a major challenge for social mobility operators concerned about the viability of their services. The same is true for political decision makers seeking to implement new urban mobility practices.

To fuel these ideas, Inov360, in partnership with the Canadian agency movmi, has carried out a detailed study of 56 major Western European and North American cities.

Together, our two companies have identified and measured 20 impactful criteria split into 5 themes. These criteria form the basis of the Shared Mobility City Index (SMCI™) that compares and ranks the 56 cities according to their potential.

The Shared Mobility City Index is a dynamic benchmarking tool that is freely available online.

In addition to this public resource, 56 detailed analysis reports – the SMCI™ City Reports – are downloadable from the Index’s website.

Each report contains an analysis of the situation in each city, including:

  • Vision and aims for sustainable development
  • Municipal services responsible for mobility
  • The city’s current urban mobility landscape
  • modal split;
  • public transport;
  • shared mobility services;

Fill out of the form below to receive a free extract of the SMCI™ City Reports.

To download the complete version containing the 56 separate SMCI™ City Reports, please apply directly to the Index website.

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